The British Alpine Rifles has an extensive calendar of events throughout the year, both in Switzerland and at home.

Winter Meeting

Held at Bisley in February, the BAR Winter Meeting is a chance for members to compete shoulder to shoulder in gallery rifle, fullbore rifle, airpistol, muzzle-leading pistol and long-barrelled pistol competitions.

Following the competition, our Annual General Meeting takes place, followed by our Annual Dinner at one of the many Bisley Clubhouses.

Spring Meeting

The winter’s chill leaves the Alps, to be replaced by BAR Members in the first of our two Swiss meetings. Taking place around Easter, members engage in all manner of pistol and rifle competition, including the Feldschiessen. Whilst participation in the Feldschiessen is an obligation for the Swiss citizen-militiaman, it is an honour for the BAR.

Summer Meeting

The NRA Imperial Meeting has long been a highlight of the British shooting calendar. Of particular relevance to the BAR are the gallery rifle events which are themselves based on the pistol competitions of old. In order to support the continuation of these gallery rifle events, BAR holds a ‘concurrent’ competition for those of its members who enter the NRA events.

During the summer meeting, BAR also holds it annual Agincourt match, where a happy few representing the French and English compete for honour and glory, be they ne’er so vile…

Autumn Meeting

October sees the BAR return to the Alps for our second Swiss meeting of the year. Again, members compete in a variety of pistol and rifle matches. As the Swiss countryside takes on a whole new dimension of beauty with the changing of the seasons, so too does it ring out with the sounds of BAR celebrating the rich shooting traditions of both our hosts and our home.