The British Alpine Rifles has four categories of membership: Probationary, Full, Associate, and Honorary. The standard charge for Full membership is £40 a year, with a concessionary rate of £20 for second and further family members resident at the same address, and for students in full-time education. Associate membership (receiving invitations to events in Britain only) costs £10 a year. Probationers pay the relevant annual fee for the category of membership sought, and upon successful completion of their probationary term are invited to pay a joining fee of £30. Special concessionary terms may apply to disabled applicants, according to circumstance.

The normal membership application procedure comprises four elements. Firstly, the names of applicants are circulated (usually once a quarter) to the membership for their approval, and references are taken up. If no objections have arisen, applicants are then invited to participate at a B.A.R. event in Britain, or if this is not possible, to attend an interview with committee members. Having passed this stage, applicants are requested to pay the annual fee for the category of membership sought and are accepted as Probationary members, which status lasts until final approval after attending one of our Swiss meetings (in the case of applicants for Full membership) or a second British meeting (in the case of applicants for Associate membership).

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